Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Special Interest - intake 2

Today we discussed our strategies for the countdown numbers, I liked the way the team worked with Olivia's idea and Andreas could see how he could help when she was so close.
Great team work!!

Here's your new challenge:

Please Post your answers on the blog:

Today's Challenge:

Make a 11 x 13 rectangle on grid paper.
Investigate what is the fewest number of squares you can draw inside of your 11x13 rectangle?

Bring your work to Rm 23 when you can answer this!

Game of the week - group Rua

Can you see the greater and less than sign?? 
A great game to practice our place value of the numbers.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Special Interest Intake 2: Thursday 22 June

Congratulations to Olivia and Andreas for being the first to comment on our blog!

Thank you to Jonathon, Max and Lucas for sharing their optical illusions.

We discussed how a piece of work becomes an optical illusion and agreed it needed these key elements:

1. Careful useful of size and shape.

2. Alternating use of colour (Black/white).

3. The use of grid paper to ensure sizes and shapes are even.

We also discussed our take home problems (picture of this on Tuesdays post).  This was challenging, and it is OK to leave it.  I only expect the first column to completed the others are there if you need a challenge.
We will discuss strategies during class sessions. Especially finding fractions of a set.

We finished off our lesson with another countdown problem.
Please pop your answers in the comment session:


Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Special interest Intake 2

Making 130 using any operation with these numbers only allowed to be used once:

Have a look at the variety of ways the students came up with: Some worked others not, the discussions and thinking was the aim of this activity.